Futuristic Home is serving the Metropolitan New York area from the 5 Boroughs to the East End of Long Island.

Futuristic Home Inc. has evolved into a total home integration package over the years. We have been following technology and staying on it’s cutting edge since 1987. Back in 1987 technology was limited, and the learning curves were painful. Today, technology has finally entered an arena where we can confidently integrate all areas of your home or office to the point of necessity. Yesterday’s wiring methods are not only antiquated, but costly. They cost you by limiting your abilities, causing you to waste not only time but money too. Today’s technology will pay you back in time, money, peace of mind, and as much control of your life as you are willing to have. Home integration is no longer just for the rich and famous.

What is Integration?

It is the ability to tie all of your home or office operating systems together. Electricity, telephone and communications, audio, video, computer data, security, lawn care, basic appliances and so on … can now all be tied to a central hub to communicate to each other within your home or from an outside source. Futuristic Home is one of the few companies that can do it all. From your basic electrical wiring systems, to high-end audio / video and automation systems. We bring to the table experts in each field, giving you one person, and one company to take care of your entire home or office wiring systems.

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